Notisave – Smart Way to Save Notifications and Status

With so many applications on phone, it is becoming difficult to manage the notifications. The applications have actually cluttered the phone and there was something needed to manage those notifications. A normal app couldn’t have met the

Talk Fusion Video Chat – Video Messenger For Business Persons

There are several video chat applications available for Android and most of them are quite impressive. Most of these apps have all common features and we couldn’t find anything innovative. After a lot of searches, we came


Hungama Hungama app is quite a popular app for the people who love music as it can live stream music for you. The app has a collection of over 10 Million songs and the best part is

Multi-Screen Voice Calculator for Android Phones

You must agree that the stock calculator in our mobile phones is not good enough for complex calculations. Most of us have a third party calculator installed on out phone so as to make complicated calculations. What

Selvi – The Teleprompter App FOR iPHONE and Androi Mobiles

Are you fond of making selfie videos or vlogs? Do you find to make it hard to remember the script that you need to speak on the vlogs? Does that make you record videos over and over