MVD-IM: Kerala Motor Vehicle Department App

When any accident occurs in our territory we may often face different types of difficulties to identify the owner of the vehicle if the victim is unconsciousness condition. Some of us know that, in the website of


Prism is a photo application for those who likes modern art in General, whether of renowned artists like Van Gogh and Picasso, as to who likes the style of Marvel Comics. The service is totally intuitive and,

Fun Photo- Fake Images

Fun Photo Fake Images is an application for Android that works pretty much like an image editor, as it is able to resize them and use templates ready for you to frame your face. The main idea

FilmOn TV

If you would like to view television channels from other countries, but do not know how to do it, the FilmOn TV is a great alternative: it is simple and completely free and shows several global broadcasters

Legend – Text Effects in Video

The Legend allows you to create GIF or short videos using a picture and a phrase as legend. You can customize style and color of the phrase and create animated Scrapbook. Type the desired phrase, and she