AirMore is an application that serves to connect your device with your computer without the need to use cables.
So, you can exchange files between devices and even manage applications easily and from any machine.
In addition, it is not necessary to install the application on your computer to be connected, with only that both devices are connected to the same WiFi network and you make a simple pairing. No need to create an account to use the program: just install, connect and enjoy its features.

To transfer files
airmoreTo use the application, enter this address on your computer, and then, on your smartphone, press the button “Scan to connect”. Once this is done, use the alternative “Accept” and wait until the connection is achieved. On the main screen of the program you can observe some functions in the form of buttons and just a touch to open any one of them.

Through the computer, you can manage the content of your appliance, and everything appears divided in tabs to make it easier for you to find any of the items. It is possible, from the machine, send files to your contacts that the scanner unit and installed applications, in addition to copy items to the PC.

Above you gave a complete description about the AirMore and its features, find out now what we think of
AirMore is an application that serves to facilitate the transfer of files between devices and PCs or Macs. So, if you often perform this process with certain frequency, it can be even more interesting, because it will simplify the operation with a method that does not require the use of cables.

However, to be able to apply its function, it is necessary that both devices are connected to the same WiFi network. The program interface is friendly, both the mobile device and the screen displayed on the web, and it maintains a very pretty pattern in visual, making the use of the application is easy and extremely pleasant.

Similarly, it comes completely ready for use, it is not necessary to make manual adjustments.Fast and simple use
Another interesting point is that also do not have to create an account to use the application. However, as mentioned in the description, it requires a pairing with the computer for its operation. However, at least during our tests, in addition to this operation be done in a simple way, the connection has been established.

The process of sending items is also very fast and, at the end of each transaction, a confirmation can be seen on the screen. The application supports videos, pictures, music, contacts and various other files, being extremely flexible. Additionally, in any of our downloads, items were lost or ended up corrupted.

The program also allows you to make a complete management of the unit by the computer, including the ability to open and delete items. After all, it is extremely light and its use will not cause crashes or other problems, even on devices with a bit more limited resources.

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AirMore: File Transfer
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