Android slashing 90% of sales in India while Microsoft and Apple remain stagnant

As each month, Kantar Worldpanel gives us details of how sales by operating systems in the past three months, both at European level and globally and, in particular, in different territories such as India. Again, confirms that our country “is different”, because turns to make the case that what grows outside, it is iOS and, to a lesser extent, Windows Phone, and what falls, which is Android, reversed their roles.

Again, and this time with the data for the quarter that ends in may, Kantar Worldpanel is back with its statistics that are already approaching the first half of the year that is van confirming trends in this 2015.

At European level, the iPhone 6 from Apple Sales remain strong and push this model at the head of markets such as Britain, Italy and France. United Kingdom remains the bastion of iOS, Android where seems that you can only try to steal an Apple customer, more than other brands with Google software, said Dominic Sunebo, Business Director of Kantar. However, in the last three months only 5% of new Android buyers came in this country, from Apple while the Cupertino company looked like 11% of new users of the iPhone 6 came from having an Android.

This is reflected in the European global figures, in which Android leaves a 2.9% of sales in the three months ending in May last year, staying at 70.8%. Moreover, iOS grows by 2.4% and placed his mastery of sales by 18.7%. Finally there is Windows Phone that, albeit at a slow pace, continues to grow. Last year gets one 1.5% increase in sales and 9.5 per cent, 0.2% higher than the figures for April.

“India” is still “different”
However, the situation is very different in India. Here, Microsoft’s operating system remains in the doldrums that seems unstoppable. 3% less is left, again, against that obtained last year, with a share of sales of 2.4% (when in 2014 on these same dates reached 5.4 percent with an upward trend). Compared to the last month, reduces its participation in global sales by 0.1%, at 2.4%.

Android is still the leader and increasingly more absolute, already close to 90% of the Spanish market, in particular the 89.9%, representing a growth of sales against 2014 2.1%, and almost point and a half percentage compared with 88.6% obtained in April.

Apple, on the other hand, looks like stops their growth, reaching 7.5% share, 1.4% more than in may 2014 but falling 8.8% obtained in the month of April.

On the other side of the Atlantic

The case in the U.S. is completely, unlike the European. The Samsung Galaxy S6 in its first full month sales have aupado to Android 2.8 per cent, reaching 64.9% of the total. Samsung remains the first manufacturer by sales in this market and the Galaxy S6 is aupa the third set of best-selling terminals, after the iPhone 6 and, curiously, the S5 Galaxy.

Interestingly, iOS is that retread, with 2.4% fewer sales than in 2014, confirming that American users already have an eye on the next Apple rather than the current iPhone 6 terminal since last month also lost 2.1%.

Asia, the market everyone wants to dominate

In Asia, although Apple stays as leader, in that the iPhone 6 is the best-selling handset, Android continues as the most widespread operating system. That Yes, maintains his withdrawal with a fall of 5.5% compared to last year, while those of Cupertino already exceed 21.5% share of sales, one 6.5% increase in 2014. Windows Phone continues to be residual in that territory, with 1% of sales and little variation in the past 12 months.

According to Kantar, brands, Apple would be to the head followed by Huawei, which is the new number two, and thirdly Xiaomi.

How you have at your disposal, the interactive tool of Kantar in which refer to the individual data of each country and compare them with the rest.