Apple Music is here and this is what you are going to find

Today is June 30 and is the moment chosen by Apple to launch its competitor of the own Google or the Spotify streaming music, and touches take a look to see what such because remember, so first, the Cupertino give three months of access to its service, with some important advantages for (large) families.

Change icons of music
This is something that we had already seen in the Keynote from early June since Apple will not break the head and it has caught the mythical iPod application when the first iPhone came out. It is through her that we can both manage our library of life, as well as the new albums or songs that we go by adding.

If you are iTunes Match subscribers, you will continue counting with all your music collection into the cloud of the Cupertino though right now, unless you have a lot of exclusive material compiled by you, this service ceases to make sense.

Activate your trial period
A window that will be commissioned to ask what kind of subscription you want to have from that accedáis Music upon entering the application updated IOS 8.4 you will jump. This is a choice that you must make now even though they will not charge you nothing at the moment and it is possible to cancel it when entering the option view ID of Apple. From there you can turn it off which on September 30 not to pass you any receipt.

At this point there is no news: we have an individual subscription from 9.99 euros or another family member for a maximum of six members for 14.99. Here remember that only they will benefit from this purchase accounts that we have within the family unit linked to one main Apple ID.

For you
The first thing you are going to see nothing but enter is a cloud of written genres within the red circles that you can edit to make from that moment Apple Music just teach us what we like. Playing once on one of these balloons we will be telling the application that that kind of music we like, with two that we love and if you hold down will make it disappear.

Tell that here already Apple Music has failed us (to us in particular) because there is a section on soundtracks or soundtracks as such, so for a lover of music for film, television or video games, their only way of finding what you want will be via name albums or own composers.

What’s new?
Thus in this tab to see what Apple stands out and that can be heard quickly by clicking on the small plays that accompany every album. By the way, say that we have video section and if we reproduce any we can minimize it to only hear the theme song, without having to be attending to the image.

Radio Beats1 now on the air
The radio is present, for everyone and with comments in English speakers. It is a really fun experience though, obviously, must like what you get. If it is not, always have other stations operating as Charting Now, Sound System, Pop Hits, All.City, etc. that will brighten up the day. It seems that in this section, there is much to be done. We will see.

Connect with artists
As Apple promised, we follow the artists that we like most and access their biographies and all his work to the full, by clicking on follow, as if it were a social network like Twitter, etc.

This Apple Music leg to see if it works but it is clear that succeed will depend on what the singers give their fans. Moreover, this networks social music of Cupertino can talk from experience failures sonados as of that failed Ping. Do you remember?

Conclude with a brief review, meaning that Apple Music gives the sensation of having much work ahead, not just for the way of displaying the contents of millions of songs as per the general usability of the application. As well as a major problem when we add new music to our library, there is no way differentiate what is our property and what streaming service.