IGTV – Vertical Long Length Videos on Instagram

Are you a fan of watching photos and videos on Instagram? Do you think that the video interface of the Instagram is not very user-friendly and it is not very mobile oriented? Well, even we felt the

Resume Maker – Make Professional JOB Resume Free of Cost

Resume selection is first to step if cracking any interview and without a proper resume, you might not even get shortlisted for a job interview. It takes recruiters just a couple of seconds to shortlist you for

Wi-Fi Router Master- Convert Your Router into a Smart Router

We all have wireless routers at our home and offices but we do not have any application to manage the routers. The routers which support any such applications are certainly expensive and hence not everyone is willing

Kidsnap – Finding Missing Children

In India, a lot of f children go missing every year and the only option that parents have is to seek help from police. Many times police are able to help people in finding their children but

ManyCam – Live Video Streaming Application

Live Video Streaming has gained a lot of popularity in recent time and it all started with YouTube Live and Facebook Live. With help of this feature, you can actually go ahead and stream live videos on