WhatsApp Messages to Unsaved Numbers

WhatsApp is certainly one of the most popular and widely used messengers across the world. The messenger has changed the way we communicate and it has made it possible to make voice calls, video calls, share photos,

Agora Vide Call – A Video Calling Application for GCC countries

The introduction of 3G and 4G changed the world. This technology made it possible for people to make a video call to a person across the world. Most of the phones have a video calling application pre-installed

Free Video Streaming Application for Android

There are many Video Streaming services on the web and the bad part is that most of them are paid services. In addition to this, the content on these streaming servers is also limited. We tried using

Trusted Contacts: A Smart Emergency Assistant

We are sure that at least for once in life you would have been in a situation when you would have felt unsafe. In such a case, the first reaction is always to call the person you

Echosync: A Revolutionary Way to Back up the Data

Many times we need to create a backup of the data and it becomes quite difficult with existing software. In addition to this, in case we have to synchronize any data then it is actually a task