bt monoBTMono is an application for iOS that allows you to send any audio from your gadget for mono devices, such as Bluetooth hands-free system (hands-free) or a headset.

One of the limitations of Bluetooth of iPhones and iPads are just unable to send the audio to some devices such as car sound systems and some headsets. But with the BTMono it’s not a problem, because it uses an audio profile compatible with these devices and, with that, you can work around the problem.

To use it is very simple: first activate the Bluetooth of iOS, which is inside the “settings” option. Then plug your gadget to the device that will receive the audio, then enter the BTMono and activate the option “Mono Bluetooth Output”. After that, tap on the bottom of the screen of your gadget and drag it up to display the control. At the plant, select the device in the list of AirPlay and ready, you can play any song she will be transmitted.

The approach used by the application only provides a channel with a limited bit rate. The quality is lower, but it’s enough to hear any kind of audio with no problems. With it you can listen to your music, podcasts and audiobooks of the sound of the car by using any application that supports AirPlay.

The BTMono is a simple application that solves a problem and that can be very useful for users who want to use their devices such as audio source via Bluetooth. If this is your case, download BTMono at TechTudo Downloads now!

The program interface is simple and straightforward, taking only a configuration option. That simplicity helps in using BTMono, because you don’t have to understand to make it work, just activate and ready.

In tests done with devices on which, until then, it was impossible to play audio coming from iPhone or iPad and even other gadgets, the problem was solved. With this, we can say that the app actually fulfills its promises.

The quality of the audio plays is not ideal for the reproduction of music, however the app works great for podcasts or audiobooks. This is because only one channel is available and the bit rate is limited.

By having a single function, the price of the application is good. But he could have a version maintained by advertising to please some users. Still, for those who have problem with sending audio via Bluetooth, it pays to buy the BTMono.

Simple and straightforward interface
Fulfills its promises
Has a good price
Quality of the audio plays is not ideal for playing music
Could have a version maintained by advertising