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Agora Vide Call – A Video Calling Application for GCC countries

The introduction of 3G and 4G changed the world. This technology made it possible for people to make a video call to a person across the world. Most of the phones have a video calling application pre-installed

Free Video Streaming Application for Android

There are many Video Streaming services on the web and the bad part is that most of them are paid services. In addition to this, the content on these streaming servers is also limited. We tried using

AtHome Security Camera – An Application for Home Security

With increasing thefts and robberies all the people are concerned about the security of the house and the valuable items. It has become a necessity to have security cameras installed at the premises as they certainly reduce

Magic Call – Prank Dial & Voice Changer: Calling Made Fun

At one point in time, we have all have tried to prank a friend or a relative by calling them from an unknown number or by trying and changing our voice over the call. During such prank

Review of Kodi TV – Is It Legal?

Review of Kodi TV – Is It Legal? If you are not an alien to this world then you have probably heard about Kodi TV and higher chances are you have not heard very nice things about