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Telegram Messenger App Tricks

Telegram Messenger entered the market in 2013 as a potential competitor to WhatsApp and since then this messaging app has been growing at a steady pace. Recently, the company announced that they achieved 100 million active users

mAadhaar : Carry Your Aadhar On Your Smartphone With mAadhaar App for Android

With the new government, lots of things are changing and Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi aspires to turn India into a digital country. Lots of steps have been taken to reduce the use of paper and use

Jio4G Voice

Reliance Jio launched its network for public recently and there is a bundle of complimentary applications that comes with the application. In that bundle, one such application is Jio4G Voice. In this article, we have reviewed the


SpotBay is a localized information-sharing platform that caters to the audience of a selected location. SpotBay connects users based on the location they are in. This unique concept of immense possibilities was developed by Neonicz Software Solutions

Couple tracker mobile monitor

Today we live in a world which witnesses a lot of failed relationships along with a higher divorce rate than what our past generations witnessed. Trust issues and doubting each other is one of the cause of