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Fake Call or Message

Fake-A-Call Free is a free app for you to get rid of that annoying friend that won’t let go of your foot. Instead of being rude, just enjoy a little time and program the application to make


Floatify-Smart Notifications is a perfect application for you that doesn’t get along with the standard system Android notifications Lollipop. The tool shows through popups the main notifications received and offers several different commands based on gestures. The

WiFi Password Generator

WiFi Password Generator is an application for you generate secure passwords that can be used to protect your wireless connection. So, you won’t need to worry about inventing a combination: just indicate what characteristics you want for

LINE Launcher

LINE Launcher is an application that allows you to completely transform the look of your smartphone and tablet with a few taps. Select a variety of different themes and apply the one that feels like you. The

How to Check InternetSpeed On Your Mobile ? is an application that serves to measure the download and upload speed of your internet connection. The program indicates in real-time the values achieved on the screen by means of a speedometer, in addition to viewing