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Whistle Now

Corruption is most common in these recent times especially in Kerala. The superiors are violating rules and corrupting. Citizens have many rights regarding anti corruption, but it’s not often implemented because even the rulers and other superiors

State Bank buddy

On this modern world of technology, people like to transact through electronic wallet. Is it an eventuality?? Of course, it would be. Now let’s remember what are the difficulties that we are being facing while transacting with

Philm – video editor

We all like making fun. Right?? We frequently see many funny videos and trolls in social medias and other places. But have you ever wondered how these videos are been made. Yes, of course. We would’ve misunderstood

Voice Changer with Echo Effect

Simple Voice Changer is an application that allows you to transform your voice in many ways scary. In addition to being able to increase or decrease the speed of your line, you can also apply various effects


Selfiecity is an application specially designed for those who are amateur in shooting himself — so popular selfies. The great advantage of this program is that it allows you to capture pictures “on the move”. The end