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iPhone 6 c or how Apple can keep the screen of 4 inches in catalog

He is not a certainty, but if a hypothesis that increasingly takes on more weight. Apple could rescue the four inch format to please that portion of customers that the 4.7 inch 6 iPhone seems an excessive

Apple Music is here and this is what you are going to find

Today is June 30 and is the moment chosen by Apple to launch its competitor of the own Google or the Spotify streaming music, and touches take a look to see what such because remember, so first,

Civilization, XCOM, NBA 2K 15, NHL, BioShock and WWE, discounted for a limited time for iOS

If something has been the arrival of mobile devices is, inter alia, by the number of game options offered. Not only of new tactile genres (Angry Birds, Plants vs.) Zombies, etc.), but to recover authentic classics in