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IGTV – Vertical Long Length Videos on Instagram

Are you a fan of watching photos and videos on Instagram? Do you think that the video interface of the Instagram is not very user-friendly and it is not very mobile oriented? Well, even we felt the

Agora Vide Call – A Video Calling Application for GCC countries

The introduction of 3G and 4G changed the world. This technology made it possible for people to make a video call to a person across the world. Most of the phones have a video calling application pre-installed

Know About Google Opinion Rewards

Introduction Finally, the application named ‘Google Opinion Rewards’ has been officially launched in India which is shaped by the team of Google Surveys. This application is actually launched to collect the proper and true surveys from the


Prism is a photo application for those who likes modern art in General, whether of renowned artists like Van Gogh and Picasso, as to who likes the style of Marvel Comics. The service is totally intuitive and,


BTMono is an application for iOS that allows you to send any audio from your gadget for mono devices, such as Bluetooth hands-free system (hands-free) or a headset. One of the limitations of Bluetooth of iPhones and