Protect your children from harmful mobile activities.

As we know that, the technology is developing day by day. And today the technology has became an indispensable thing in our daily life, not only in adults but in children too. For getting informations technology is useful for adults and children alike. Therefore we are enforced to allot smartphones or pc to our children for availing their study materials. If one refuses his child from using smartphones or pc or similar to it, he/she might don’t have awareness about technology. Therefore we should not refuse our child from using Internet , smartphones etc. Technology is essential for students for doing their projects, assignments etc.

spyhuman-free-android-spy-app-sms-tracker-location-tracker-free-android-mobile-tracker-390x390 But when we opportune our children for Internet and smartphones, be aware that wheather your child is secure or not. Because nowadays there are many obscene websites, apps and so on, in the internet. So be ensure that our children are free from vulnerable websites. Internet has many advantages while it has many disadvantages also. So we can’t deny and allot smartphones and Internet without any restrictions beyond a certain limit.

Therefore today I am going to introduce about an app which lets you to keep your children secure and free from porn sites. This is a CHILDREN’S TRACKER. This app enables you to restrict your children from using of Internet and smartphones beyond the permissible limit. Now let’s see how it helps you.

This app can
> Restrict your kids’ mobile activities
> Provide your kids privacy with security.
> Get keyword alert.
> Tracking lost devices.
> Blocks websites and apps.

So now let’s see how to use this app.

Remember, you must have to allow the installation of Non-market app.

Go to settings > security > check Unknown sources.

And secondly you have to disable some option from Google application settings.

Open SETTINGS application > security > uncheck “scan device for security threads” and “improve harmful app detection”

Now download and install the app. Then open the app

After that you will be asked for following

* All access permissions
* GPS location
* Device Administrator
* Notification Service
* Accessibility service
Check (ON) all of these.
Now click on continue.

Then agree their terms and conditions. Click on agree.

Now you will be asked for Device Name, Mobile number, Email and for a new password.
Give valid details and click on create account.
Then a verification link will be sent to your registered email. Open your email and verify it.
Then open the website Login with your registered email and password you have given. Then you will get more informations about the devices you have indicated the app.

You can track your child’s location, call recording , messages and so on.

This app is intended to ensure parents the security of their child.
Spying someone’s personal informations and details are legally crime. I would not be responsible, if you misused this app.