Civilization, XCOM, NBA 2K 15, NHL, BioShock and WWE, discounted for a limited time for iOS

bioshockiosIf something has been the arrival of mobile devices is, inter alia, by the number of game options offered. Not only of new tactile genres (Angry Birds, Plants vs.) Zombies, etc.), but to recover authentic classics in the history of video games returning remastered or adapted to this new market. And 2K Games, in recent years, has made an absolutely great catalog, especially in iOS

Discounted for a limited time
Any excuse is good to increase sales and in the case of 2 K Games what they have done has been to today begin same some rebates on the occasion of the celebration of the independence day of the United States which, as you know, is celebrated on July 4.

That will be the Saturday of next week, so long they trust it, but seeing the discounts we get, it is to not let the occasion. Keep in mind that Americans are companies that most expensive sold its developments for smartphones and tablets (with Square Enix or Capcom), so you have to take advantage.

On offer are a total of six great game that have normal prices ranging between the 7.99 and the 9.99 euros. Now, you can buy them with one rebate more than healthy in these stormy times running.

An all-star cast
The games that are part of this celebration of the independence day are Bioshock (€4.99), the direct port of the legendary game of PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, NBA 2K 15 (€2.99) which surely is the best saga current basketball that exists (that Yes, without clubs FIBA), NHL 2K (€2.99) which, although it is a purely American Sport has very entertaining games Civilization Revolution (€4.99), which surely calls the words, WWE 2K (€5.99), another franchise that more joy is giving the Americans lately, 2 XCOM Enemy Within (€4.99), which is a marvel of entertainment and turn-based fighting.

In the case of Bioshock, if you had as dwarfs with that trip to Rapture, the sunken city, insurance that returning it to prove reviviréis those magic sensations that made him one of the best titles of the past generation. PS3 and Xbox 360.