CM Security Antivírus AppLock

app lockCM Security is a very complete tool that promises to make your Android safer.On the home screen of the application, all you need to do is touch the “verify” button to start a scan.The right side menu offers various features of optimization. The application is a real Swiss army knife and I’m sure one of the tool will be of great help for your Android.

Block App: feature to add password to applications that you have installed on the appliance
Wi-Fi security: allows you to analyze the wireless network to which you are connected. It’s nice that shows how many devices are connected on the same network as you
SD card check: do a scan on the memory card of the device in search of content deemed as threats
Call blocking: allows the user to block phone numbers
Private browsing: open a browser CM Internal Security, allowing the users to browse without leaving a trace
Download security tool to check the downloads made recently on the appliance
Notification Manager: option to block, enable or disable notifications of all applications in your phone
Cloud Space: this is a connection with an external application called Cloud Space. Is a program to store files in the cloud
Find phone: anti-theft feature for you remotely control, online, your lost phone
Clean Trash: scanning function and identification of unnecessary files in the device
Optimize device: function to clear memory of Android
Update antivirus: just to check if the base of the antivirus is updated

Above you gave a complete description about the CM Security Antivirus AppLock and its functionalities, know now what we think of If you are concerned about security of your Android and want to get away from the more traditional antivirus, AVG Mobilation Antivirus Free or avast! Mobile Security, for example, the CM Security FREE is an interesting option with several tools for you to try.

Intuitive and complete
The interface, entirely in Portuguese, is very beautiful, modern and easy to use, providing a pleasant experience for people who enjoy good visuals. There are no complications or technical terms, ensuring that people with all levels of knowledge to take advantage of the tool without any difficulty.

The application scan occurs in less than a minute, and the CM Security FREE still looking for configuration problems that may facilitate the entry of other virtual pests, adding points to the set.

Extra accessories
The advanced features available, as the blocker, the temporary files and the complete scanner to the SD card, also have the potential to appeal to those looking for something more than a simple apps checker.

Despite all the accolades, as all new security solution on the market, only time will tell if the CM Security FREE is really effective.