Converts your old phone on a beacon to locate your bags this summer

Vacation arrived and, at this time, we are loaded with suitcases, luggage and backpacks which, on the other hand, are a succulent prey for friends of the alien, as not, airlines can send them to the other side of the globe. Is it possible to have controlled our luggage without spending us a euro? If you have an old mobile, we tell you a little trick that, although not to be obvious, it ceases to be effective.

Few are companies that sell us NFC tags and different accessories that tell us where they are, or rather were last our keys, luggage, or anyone who is the subject to which they were engaged. There are more expensive and more cheap but wouldn’t it be great to have this functionality for free? For sure that you have a mobile, Android, iPhone or Windows Phone already with either a few years behind them that we can give you a new life this holiday.

And it is that with a bit of mana and the services that allow to locate the terminals on each of the platforms, it is likely that you already imagine what’s going this Council that, although obvious, not let be useful.

With a little mana… and the location of iOS, Android, and Windows Phone services
And it is to be as easy as, prior to the trip, record both the old iPhone, Android or Windows Phone in the respective user accounts, either through Apple in iCloud to use find my iPhone, Google Play that will allow us to use Device Manager, or Microsoft, where the function is also called to find a lost phone , something that can be done from the user’s own account as is the case with Android. With this enabled, already only it will be we have crafted a second terminal, tablet, or a device with Internet browser with which we can connect to our account from Apple, Google or Microsoft.

We put the old terminal in the suitcase and starting from there, we can see on a map where the last position of the phone and, therefore, luggage that was stuck. The advantage is that if your luggage is moved, we will also locate to the phone where you go with him – and remember that in the case of Google, already it is including this function in the own search box.

On the other hand, if we still have it close, we can make to ring the phone in any of the three services, to alarm mode, not only to guide us and find it, but for the people who are around the luggage take awareness of something weird happens.

And the battery?
We know that at this point, one will have crooked smile and you have thought “a little detail you have forgotten you”. Therefore, on this occasion, to resolve it can be that we have to leave some money in an external battery, connecting it to the terminal you can do double or triple their autonomy, thus covering all the time travel without problems. Products and prices in this aspect there are to be bored, but we can only remember the great offer that offers Xiaomi with your MiPower Bank more than 10,000 mAh for just 14 dollars.