Echosync: A Revolutionary Way to Back up the Data

Many times we need to create a backup of the data and it becomes quite difficult with existing software. In addition to this, in case we have to synchronize any data then it is actually a task in itself. There is another software called Echosync which can ease the task for you and as the name suggest. The software is specifically for creating backups. The software makes it really quick as well as easy to create a backup and let us now have a look at the features of the software to understand it in a better way.

Features of Echosync

• As mentioned earlier, this is basically a backup software which uses data differential sync to run a backup for the all the directories available.
• In addition to this, creating a backup with help of this software is quite simple and you may create a backup even without installing the software.
• You can create a backup of the data on a USB Pen Drive, External Hard disk and even a Network Hard disk which increases the utility factor of the application by many folds.
• The time taken to create a backup depends on the size of the data and once you have created the backup then it takes just nick of time to perform any other operation.
• As mentioned in the first point, the software uses Differential Sync technique and this is a really fast technique to create a backup. Under this technique, the software only backups the changes made to the last backup and hence it improves the efficiency of the software by many times. The software basically compares the directories and the size of the folders in order to find out the requirements of the backup.
• It should also be noted that the software works on NTFS as well as VSS technology. This means that you can create a backup of the file which are presently open or which are presently locked with a password. Hence you do not have a risk of losing any data.
• You can also automate the backup process with help of the scheduler and you can set the frequency as per the needs. This is really helpful as it enables auto backup.
• It is also possible to save the backup in a Virtual Hard Disk and that basically helps in creating a virtual disk on the hard drive and save the data on it. Hence you do not even need a hard drive to back up all the data.

In terms of the performance, the application performs really better than its counterpart and the technology used is really commendable. If you need to create a backup on regular intervals then we have mentioned the download link of the software below.
Here is the download link for the software and it should be noted that clicking on the link will directly start the download of the software. If in case you want to check out more information about the software before actually installing the Echosync then you can click here to access the website of the software.