Facejjang is an application for creating fun movies where you and two friends can be the protagonists. The program allows you to cut out the face of someone out of a picture and place it in the scenes where the characters head.

The result, for the most part, is a funny video that you can send to your friends by email or publish to social networks. In addition to comedy movies, you can make animated birthday cards, invitations or parties electronic animations for holidays.

Cut and paste

When you start the app, you must choose which animation will use. There are several options for download, some for free and other paid. To know which is which by looking at the button below the video: If you are writing free, you can download without fear; If you are writing purchase, is paid.

After the choice of the animation, the app goes to the screen of choice in the photo, but there is also the option to take it on time. Soon after, you must fit inside the circle the head (or heads) chosen to star in the video — note that the circle shows a track to indicate where should be the eyes.
Don’t worry about a little image in the circle, because the next step is to adjust the edges so that the cut is the most accurate possible. Touch the red balls and drag to remove the leftovers and let the perfect image. You can also add fun accessories, such as wigs, hats and ties, by clicking the icon that appears in the picture.

Light, camera, action!

After all the faces properly glued in the right place, just click on “Done” in the upper right corner, wait to load and enjoy his work. The application comes with five videos already unlocked for use. To download other, you need to download the original version (Korean) app, but this can be done automatically by him.

Do you want to send a different card for the holidays? This app is a fun option to do it. Download and play with the faces of your friends making funny and animated messages.

Above you gave a complete description about the Facejjang and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
The app Facejjang is definitely a lot of fun. Make mounts with the face of your friends is really quite funny, because, in all the videos available in the application, the characters are doing crazy dances or exaggerated performances.

A positive point of the app is ease of use. It is extremely simple to do the cutting; even with a touch screen, the accuracy is very good, and, with a little patience, you can make perfect cutouts of faces and assemblies with the accessories available. All this is done pretty easy, you don’t have to be an expert in Photoshop.

Another interesting point is that you can send the video to their friends in high or low quality. With the latter, the film is very light and easier to be uploaded and downloaded by him. The sounds are also very nice, with music from congratulations, animated compositions and other sound effects.

Weak point

The only weak point of the app is the fact that to download new themes and videos, you need to download the original Korean version of the application — that being possible directly from the program is pretty boring. However, after doing so, we have available a variety of new short films free to have fun and make fun of your friends.

So, if you want to send messages to their colleagues, creative can download the app that is guarantee laughs.

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