Fake Call or Message

Fake-A-Call Free is a free app for you to get rid of that annoying friend that won’t let go of your foot. Instead of being rude, just enjoy a little time and program the application to make a fake call in a few minutes. Soon your phone will ring and surprisingly will be someone important requesting his presence as far away from friend inconvenience.

With several options to cheat the best, this app ensures you to write a fake voice to simulate an actual call. The interface is pretty simple and hides some options that are not commonly used. Some advertisements are displayed on the home screen of the app, however, they do not hinder the operation of the program.

Create a fake call

The Fake-A-Call Free enables you to customize your call in many ways. First you need to enter a name for your connection that will dial well in dull moment of conversation. Then you can add a subtitle to the touch, indicating that he is the boss of the company or a relative importance.
To give more reality to call, you can choose a touch between the ringtones of the appliance. To access the “More Settings” item (more settings) you can change the screen and choose if the vibrate function must be activated.

The most important thing in the extra settings are programmable voice feature that allows you to play a voice during the call. Despite who’s around you don’t hear who you’re talking to on the other side, you can absolutely fool your friend if he is questioning the call. The app comes with some voices by default, but all are in English. So you can choose the option “Custom” (custom) and record a voice.

Back to the main screen of the Fake-A-Call Free you can choose the time of the call to the phone to ring when you see fit, or you can use the option “Call Now” (call now) so that the Bell without you need to modify any details on the screen.

Fake-A-Call Free is an app more funny than useful because although get cheat many people, it’s not really necessary in everyday life. The settings offered by the application helps to create the impression of a true call, however, it is difficult to set the phone to ring in an exact time. Maybe a key pressed for a few seconds was more efficient than this feature.

The interface doesn’t impress, but as the user does not need to be using the application for a long time, it’s not enough to be a problem. In our tests we noticed that the application is very light, an important factor for an app that must be run in the background. Some problems were encountered during the use of the Fake-A-Call Free, as an example: the function to schedule schedule didn’t work. Anyway, this software is not necessary, but a test can be fun.


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