Floatify-Smart Notifications is a perfect application for you that doesn’t get along with the standard system Android notifications Lollipop. The tool shows through popups the main notifications received and offers several different commands based on gestures.

The size of the warnings and Windows hung that overlap to any app that you miss important events. In addition, you can customize the popups in the settings menu (“Style”) and to select the applications that can use the Floatify to deliver messages (“Notification”).

Floatify has a mechanism for quick replies to messengers. This means that you can answer a message on WhatsApp using the notification without leaving the app that runs in the foreground. To do this, simply tap the warning and slide your finger down, thus triggering the keyboard.

The DirectReply feature is very handy to give a quick answer without using the keyboard. To activate it, tap the notification and slide your finger to the left. Four standard options are available: “Yes”, “no”, “Ok” and “Thanks”. All the features of the app also function directly on the screen.
Although the utility is free and quite functional, some advanced customization options are only available to people who buy the paid version, the FloatifyPro Key, which costs $ 6.30.Above you gave a full description on the Floatify-Head-up and its functionalities, know now what we think of If the top bar of your notifications Android always go unnoticed by you or just bother, Floatify-Smart Notifications is an application that will help you turn these warnings into true utilities for the day to day.

Style popup messages have excellent size and follow exactly the same pattern found in the Lollipop. They also overlap the other apps that run in the foreground and appear on the lock screen of the device. That way, it’s almost impossible to not check the messages, such as missed calls or new emails, for example.

Configuration and customization options are very attractive and guarantee that you can change the look of the boxes, the position and even applications that may or may not send warnings across the Floatify-Smart Notifications.

Another prominent feature is the DirectReply feature, which allows you to respond or torpedoes directly through the popup. That way, it’s easy to keep a conversation on WhatsApp, for example, even if you’re running a game or other program in the foreground. The standard answers to “Yes”, “No” and “Thanks”, for example, are also excellent in the hours in which you can’t waste time using the keyboard.

In the free version, there are a few customization parameters which are blocked, preventing you to set triggers to the touch popups or customize the lock screen. Despite this, the free edition is functional and the price of the paid version is not prohibitive: only $ 6.30.

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