Free games: the best strategy for Android and iOS titles

We continue with our particular review the best free games for iOS and Android. This time we will focus on a genre that has gained much more popularity on mobile devices with touch screen. Strategy games have always been a kind of minority entertainment on computers and consoles for a couple of decades, but with phones and touch tablets, are living a second youth that offers us as interesting as these free titles.

The strategy as you know, can be both classic turn-based, as in real time, today we’re going to see games of both modalities.

Hero Academy

The title of Robot Entertainment is one that has been better able to implement asynchronous multiplayer. This is a pure strategy turn-based game, with a very classic game mechanics that are developed on a Board that could well be the own chess. In any case, our mission in this game is creating the best possible team of heroes and launch it to fight in fun games multiplayer. These are not real time, but that whenever we finished a shift, is notified our opponent perform their moves in a given time interval. Moreover, it is pure strategy, with dozens of different characters with different abilities. Of the most fun that exists in the stores.

lague Inc. This is without a doubt one of the best games of strategy of all the mobile era. No longer for the quality with which has been developed, but also by the originality of its planning. In this game we have to cause the most deadly plague possible on planet Earth. And when we talk about plague, there are dozens of harmful agents that we can combine to create the deadliest diseases of history at our disposal. The goal basically is to cause the greatest number of deaths around the world in the shortest possible time, so oil is its approach. But this is no doubt the secret of their success, the ability to make each player a small God who plays with billions of human lives, an essential title.

Clans clash East game is one of the great feelings of the different stores, undoubtedly the most popular strategy game for iOS as Android. There are millions players who each day lead a fearsome army and lead your clan to glorious victory. This is basically what it Clash of Clans, a typical strategy game in real time which develops with the classic isometric perspective was premiered by the mythical Command & Conquer there by the Decade of the nineties. Clash of Clans should build and defend our lands until the ultimate consequences, as we are faced with millions of players and form our own clan to defeat the enemy. This social component is so strong which has become Clans Clash in all a feeling within the genre.

Star Wars Commander all Star Wars it touches turns to gold, and this new title from strategist based in the incredible universe of George Lucas has managed to preserve the essence of the series to offer a strategy game in real time very fun and easy to play. The best of this title is to choose sides between the eternal rivals, Empire and Republic, as well as be able to enjoy many of the military units so characteristic of the six films released to date. Here, once again, Star Wars Commander aims to defend with nails and teeth our fortified base, while we collect an intergalactic army so that it is able to invade the bases enemy and put an end to the thousands of opponents who every day are connected to the game.

Droidippy ended up with a game where the social component is the most important thing. Droidippy is based on the classic diplomacy board game, and at one time was a game where there was no subscription to play. This subscription has been removed and is open to all players. As in the original game, is a turn-based strategy title, all units have the same destructive capacity, so alliances are the only way forward. Each shift lasts for 24 hours and all the players are real, none of bots. To form alliances with other players should use the chat which is negotiated with the leaders of other countries. If you want advice, not you fieis anyone, because all players will try to betray your agreements before or after. The player to conquer 18 territories or have the approval of the other players will win. This game is pure Vice, as an example, some items may last up to a month, there is nothing, but we can participate in all want them at the same time.