Free Video Streaming Application for Android

There are many Video Streaming services on the web and the bad part is that most of them are paid services. In addition to this, the content on these streaming servers is also limited. We tried using many such applications and all we got was the disappointment. After a friend’s recommendation, we decided to try streaming App . The application changed our viewing experience and it was such a delight to use the application. There is a lot of content available on the application and it solves the purpose of the video streaming application. Let us now look at the features of the application.

Features of Tis streaming App
· The application is basically for streaming videos and TV shows so that you can watch your favorite TV shows on the go or at the home.
· The application has TV channels from 15 Different countries and it hosts over 1000 live channels. So you do not miss any of the show at all.
· The application also has support for the external players. This means that you can use the video player on the android phone to buffer and watch the videos. This is surely an easy way to watch videos and it enhances the user experience.
· The application also has a built-in media player so you do not really need a different player if you do not have any third party player installed
· You can scroll through the channels just like you do it on TV and once you scroll on the channel, you can select the player on which would like to play the content on.
· The application has a clean interface and there is no issue with the responsiveness of the application. The system would never lag while you are using the application. The size of the application is less than 30 MB.
· The application also has reporting feature wherein you can inform the developers about any stream down and that will be rectified on the priority basis.
· The application also has channels based on categorization and hence you can select the channel as per the category. So if you want to watch any Indian show then you can choose the category as Indian and all the Indian channels will be displayed.
The application is available for download for free and over a million users are already using the application. You can also take advantage of the application by downloading the application on any of your Android Device. In terms of rating, the application has received very good reviews from the people across the world. Some of the technical experts also tried the application and they loved every bit of it. The application is surely going to revolutionize the way we watch our favorite shows on the device. In terms of compatibility, the application can be used on any android device that is running on Android 4 and above.

You can also start enjoying the free TV on the phone by clicking on the download link below.