Hangouts 4.0 arrives to stand up to WhatsApp, but still only in iOS

Just a couple of weeks ago we mentioned all the innovations that would integrate Google into your new Hangouts 4.0, which not only created Material Design, but it was also loaded with changes in their functions and interface. Curiously, the debut of this new version of the messaging application from Google, which wants to stand up to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, ends up first in the home of another of its rivals, iOS.

At Google Play see how remains still present for download version 3.3 of Hangouts, but iPhone users are the first that can already download the new iteration, 4.0, the implementation of Google, already counterpoints of Google Messaging + and heiress of the Google Talk from a few years ago. More than any other version, and far beyond cosmetic changes, Hangouts is a declaration of intent to assault the complicated market messaging WhatsApp, and Facebook in the shade, dominated with an iron fist – and only the Asian market escapes them.

I discussed the innovations that would bring this version a while ago but can point out the new interface in which we find a first window without tabs or buttons, only the recent talks. Already is not present either the identification of the user profile, which has been the usual format of all Lollipop apps, i.e. in a sliding menu from the left side. Also typical of the Material Design is the floating button with different options as the open conversations with favorite users, our profile, enable a video call or open a new group.

The interface has undergone numerous improvements such as “Anyone more?” button that appears in a group conversation, the Elimination of the toolbar or the notice in red color that attracted our attention when we had a muted conversation in addition to the change of colors in talks–now our are white and the messages of our contacts are shaded – and the possibility of putting a ‘State’ in our profile , among many others.

We invite you to go through the report in which we destem each and every one of the news already offering Hangouts in iOS 4.0, and we assume that it won’t be much longer to see them on Android.

And we leave you with this question for debate with all these developments and the presence on many Android – given that is connected to our count Google – is really an opponent who can “frighten” to WhatsApp Hangouts?