How to Check InternetSpeed On Your Mobile ? is an application that serves to measure the download and upload speed of your internet connection.

The program indicates in real-time the values achieved on the screen by means of a speedometer, in addition to viewing the results in the form of number.

In order for the application to work properly, you must have a stable connection. The test is performed quickly, causing you to not suffer with unnecessary waits for the result.

Testing the connection

There is no secret in the use of the program and when you open it, just wait a few minutes for the server to be loaded for the test. Once this is done, just click the Begin test button and wait a few moments. Once completed, you can see on the screen the ping measured in milliseconds, as well as the rate of download and upload in Mbps.
speed test
Optionally, in the program settings you can choose whether the measure displayed must be kilobytes per second or megabytes per second. Results tab you can see the type of connection tested, time, and the same results that appear on the main screen, but displayed in the form of a list (ideal for you follow a history of analysis).

Above you gave a complete description about the and its functionalities, know now what we think of is an application that serves to measure your internet connection rate, showing the speed of download, upload, and ping time. The program interface is very well organized, separating the information clearly and right visual, facilitating in time to find the desired data.

In addition, the results are quite complete and correctly identified causing even laypeople are able to understand the information obtained. Another interesting point is that although he finds a server to perform the test automatically, if you wish you can change to another option in the settings.

Similarly, you can choose the size at which the results are displayed, making it suited to your personal taste for the measure.

Elegant and efficient

The program keeps track of the analyses carried out, something that could be very interesting in case you’re having a problem with the connection. Now you will be able to track all the measurements carried out and check what was the variation in each of the times in which you conducted the test through the appliance.

Additionally, for each of the entries you can show your location, including showing a map to better illustrate this trait. There are also data from your internal and external IP, which is information that is often difficult to obtain in mobile devices.

If you want to share the results, you can do this quickly by using the button available, and you can send them by Bluetooth or text message. For ease of use and the degree of detail of the results, is a program suitable to test your connection, even if you don’t have a lot of affinity with this type of application.


The app was not found in the store. 🙁 #wpappbox

Links: → Visit Store → Search Google


The app was not found in the store. 🙁 #wpappbox

Links: → Visit Store → Search Google