If you have not installed iOS 8.4 wait a bit: there are problems with the battery life

We do not learn. Or rather, do not learn at Apple that even for the latest update to its iOS 8 before the arrival of iOS 9 have been able to do things correctly. At least that is what it seems about reports that are arriving by the thousands from the network, where users are reporting serious problems of autonomy on its iPhone and iPad once installed iOS 8.4. Take heed.

Apple Music eats battery

As you know, iOS 8.4 has brought new music streaming service and all eyes point to that is that application which does not seem to know to manage properly what consumes the device battery. As you say, quite alarming reports coming in from internet users but we decided to try it ourselves and here below you have the results.

We have made play a musical theme (Aggressive Expansion of The Dark Knight) to hard 4:34 minutes. As well, when you start to play it was 55% battery and at the end of its playback a 52. I.e. 3% of consumption in just 4 minutes. If we extrapolate that number that we have obtained, we will have eaten us what remains of battery in just over one hour.

What can we do?

At the moment know few things about what or who is guilty of that battery life so little in iOS 8.4. Apple Music-takes all the ballots but it should not rule out other components of the operating system. As such, there is no an easy arrangement beyond make sure that Apple Music we use just enough and that when we stop doing so remove it even of multitasking… to avoid surprises.

If you decide not to use Apple Music, it is good to check if the battery goes down shockingly and if so, use the typical tricks to save energy: put iPhone or iPad in airplane mode when we don’t have good coverage outside the home, disable iCloud Keychain, reduce the number of apps that are updated in the background, turn off the automatic screen brightness or restart the device as if it were a timely problem.

Have you installed iOS 8.4 in your devices? Have you noticed a significant reduction in the autonomy of the battery? Tell us.