IGTV – Vertical Long Length Videos on Instagram

Are you a fan of watching photos and videos on Instagram? Do you think that the video interface of the Instagram is not very user-friendly and it is not very mobile oriented? Well, even we felt the same thing and this was the beginning of our search for a better mobile app to watch the videos of the people we love and we follow. Our search leads us to an application called IGTV. This application changed our experience from 1 star to 5 stars. You must certainly have a look at the application before you watch any other video on Instagram.
Here is a short review of the application based on the personal recommendation and we will start with the features of the application. After the features, we will discuss some more details about the application.

Features of IGTV

Long-Form Videos – The basic feature of the application is that it plays the video in the long form. This is different from Instagram which doesn’t support this feature yet. Moreover, you can also watch the long videos with help of the application.
Links to Instagram – You need to sign in to your Instagram account while using the application and it links to your Instagram account. This means that you do not have to follow all the people again. The followers and following information will be displayed in the app.
Search bar – The app also has search functionality and the application lets you search for videos and new people which might be of your interest.
Like & Comment Feature – Most of the apps would not offer you this feature but IGTV lets you like and comment on the videos as well. This is the greatest advantage of the application. Moreover, you can share the videos with your friends with help of the app.

General Review

Talking about the general review, the application has been reviewed by over 2700 users. In addition to this, a majority of the users have given a 5 star to the application. The overall rating of the application is 4.4 stars which are certainly a good rating. Talking about the installations, the number has crossed 1 Lakh user and the application is gaining popularity quickly.


The application code has been optimized several times so as to offer the best user experience to the people who choose to download this application. The app has been through 50 iterations which makes it certainly one of the highly optimized app. The size of the app is also quite small but it can vary with the device or the smartphone you are using.


Ideally, you should not face any issue with the compatibility of the application. The application can be installed on Android phones and tablets that are running on Android 4.1 and above version. This means that you can use the application irrespective of the phone that you have.
So, you must certainly install this application along with Instagram and you will really love watching the videos on the platform. Below is the download link to download the application and the link will redirect you to Google Play Store. You can download the application from there.