iPhone 6 c or how Apple can keep the screen of 4 inches in catalog

He is not a certainty, but if a hypothesis that increasingly takes on more weight. Apple could rescue the four inch format to please that portion of customers that the 4.7 inch 6 iPhone seems an excessive size for a phone. You would from a new model, a so-called iPhone 6 c, a version that would take as a basis the 5s iPhone and would have elements and high-end features, it would be necessary not to associate by mistake, again, the “C” range of Apple to economic iPhone.

If a few months ago has fired rumours about the possible submission of a new iPhone with four-inch screen (sources close to Apple suppliers detected making mass of an improved display of these dimensions by AU Optronics), now the information refloats again. This time it was from the information offered by Ange Wu, one of the consulting firm Jefferies analysts. And is that the firm would have detected how Foxconn divisions responsible for the manufacture of metal casings of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are prepared to give shape to a new casing, also of aluminium, but of different sizes.

Adaptations of plants of Foxconn as additional track

A hypothetical iPhone 6 c is what draws the data that emerge from the technology industry. The possible Assembly of a new four-inch display for a new model now have to add information from Jefferies, which; based on their observations to assess the movements of members of Apple; -in this case Foxconn and its subsidiaries – points that the signing of the Apple can prepare the launch of a new model, an iPhone 6 c characteristics.

Nothing plastic, Aluminium

And it is that information collected speaks of the division of Foxconn specializing in the manufacture of metal casings for current models would be in adaptation process to produce a new design. According to the characteristics of this, is emerging an iPhone with four-inch screen. In fact, this iPhone 6 c would be placed not as an evolution of the iPhone 5 c, but rather as the continuity of the 5s iPhone. Therefore, the technical characteristics of the model would be at the same industry, with specifications of a high-end equipment. However, the biggest difference and reason of the creation of the iPhone 6 c would be the size of the screen, which would make up to four inches.

Thus the launch of this new model, which would occur during the first quarter of 2016, would have the objective of maintaining the four-inch format for those customers who do not adapt to the 4.7 inch 6 iPhone or, directly, to prefer the compact size of previous models such as the aforementioned iPhone 5s.

You would willingly accept a hypothetical iPhone 6 c high range, but with a four-inch display differentiation?