Internal memory of 256 GB iPhone 6s? Samsung could do it possible

The current generation of smartphones from Apple, both the iPhone and the iPhone 6 6 Plus are available in 16-, 64- and 128 GB versions. However, there are reasons to believe that the signing of the Apple could take the step and increase the storage capacity of their phones with a model – iPhone 6s – which could reach the 256 GB. The key is in negotiations that are supposedly taking in Cupertino with Samsung to make this again in distributor of NAND Flash memory to equip the next iPhone.

The information comes from sources related to the digital medium The Korea Times, which has echoes of the alleged negotiations between Apple and Samsung. The second would have offered their services to the Americans to make the internal memory of the future iPhone. There is reason to believe in the realization of the agreement given that Samsung is predisposed to negotiate the price since you want to increase the incomes of its semiconductor division and compensate for the fall of other divisions such as the mobile. Ensure a volume of orders such as to install the internal memory of the future iPhone 6s would be key. On the other hand, Apple would be as strategic components such as the memory at an attractive price, especially in higher-capacity memory chips.

Apple and Samsung, back together

The stars seem to align so that Samsung and Apple work together, in harmony. Despite the differences between the two, mainly generated by the commercial competition in the sector of mobile phones and tablets, and legal disputes between the two, the production capacity and margin of price of the components offered by Samsung is an undeniable attraction for Apple. In this way, Californians make sure not to interrupt the supply of components for a model that will be sold by millions since the first day on sale. It is that this volume of business is supported by few companies and Samsung here fits. However, the price is another factor. If the iPhone 6 is equipped with internal memory manufactured by Hynix, SanDisk and Toshiba since Samsung offered a product that is more expensive than the first three, in the iPhone 6s may be reversed again ballots. And it is that this time the multinational Asian would be willing to negotiate the price of this important component. So much so that in Asia, it is said that both are already approaching positions. While Apple would seek to meet their demands in regard to reduction of price of the component (higher profit margin), Samsung would increase the turnover of its semiconductor division.

The price of memory, the key. 256 GB to the vista version
Change of supplier’s internal memory to the next generation of iPhone could also lead to other developments in it comes to the technical features of the iPhone 6s. And it is that from the suggestions detailed in the article of the Asian Media Korea Times, other media digital, based on this information, guarantee that the next iPhone will increase your storage capacity, possibly with a 256 GB version. In this way the future iPhone 6s might be available in 64, 128 and 256 GB. However, remain rumors that support the hypothesis that, despite the change, would coexist a 16 GB version oriented for the most sensitive users to bite Apple smartphone price. As far as the price of the so-called 6s iPhone versions there is no any details, but the irruption of the SSDS has led this technology has become cheaper (price per GB), reason by which versions of greater storage capacity would not have to mean an increase in price on the final cost of the current versions of the iPhone. However, neither can lose sight of another reason the Apple might be attracted by the proposal from Samsung. That would not be other than the approach of the new UFS 2.0 technology to the new iPhone, which would lead to a significantly faster internal memory, as we saw in performance tests taken on the Samsung Galaxy S6, first to incorporate such innovation.

Similarly, if there are references around the negotiations by the Samsung Flash memory, also Bell strokes pointing to the semiconductor manufacturer will also offer its RAM memory, as well as its Exynos processors (or at least the technology that incorporates), already named iPhone 6s. What will negotiations be finally? Internal memory or there will be a greater presence of Samsung in the future iPhone?