Kid key lock

Who have children at home, you know how hard it is to leave them away from the computers. The problem is that often they don’t know when to stop and end up going through things they shouldn’t, damaging the system, deleting important files or accessing inappropriate content, often just by accidentally clicking on links.

To avoid such accidents, the 100dof developed the Kid-Key-Lock, a simple but very functional program for locking of clicks and keystrokes, so blocking the access of children and intruders.

How to use

After initializing the KKL, an icon will appear next to the Windows clock. It will take some adjustments for the best performance, to this, several options can be marked, in accordance with the desired security profile. To access these options, the string “KKLSETUP” is typed in any window, or even on the desktop.

Locking options for mouse, there’s some milestone-y boxes, they are: left mouse button Lock, lock the left button; Middle mouse button lock, lock the middle button; Right mouse button lock, lock right click; Lock Double click, double click the lock; Lock mouse wheel, lock the mouse scroll wheel.


Below are the options for keyboard, there are five levels of protection keys. From left to right: the keyboard locking, all keys are released; Lock system key combinations, prevents the combination of system keys, such as control and alt; Lock all keys except character, space, enter and arrows, blocks, control, alt, backspace keys, end, home, and other; Lock all keys except character, space and enter, directional arrows also blocks; Lock all keys, locks all buttons.

The last set of settings is the access codes of the Kid-Key-Lock. Allows creating or changing the password to configure the software and also the password to disable the blocker, respectively. The Kid-Key-Lock offers assistance in remembrance of passwords, because after being typed the third character, a balloon with the codes is opened.

Above you gave a full description about Kid-key-lock and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
Programs are rare so simple that they can perform the tasks for which it proposes with total efficiency. Luckily the Kid-Key-Lock is one of those pleasant surprises because it performs the actions of simple and satisfactory manner, allowing the configuration of multiple security levels for mouse and keyboard.

Although the interface only be a junction of several options, is quite simple to set up the Kid-Key-Lock the way you want. But a problem that should be pointed out is the lack of translations of the Kid-Key-Lock, which forces the user to be familiar with the English language. If not, follow the instructions given by the Arcade Portal.