Kidsnap – Finding Missing Children

In India, a lot of f children go missing every year and the only option that parents have is to seek help from police. Many times police are able to help people in finding their children but many a times police fail to find the missing child. A lot of people also give out an advertisement to find their missing child but sometimes that helps and sometimes all that goes in vain. Keeping this in mind, the developers developed an application which proves to be helpful in such a case and the application can help people in reuniting with their lost children. Let us look at the features of this application.

Features of Kidsnap
• You can create a profile of your child on this application if your child is missing and the application uses a complex image processing technology to help you in finding the child. The profile can have all the details of the child so that people can look into it and notify you accordingly.
• The application also has a gallery wherein the list of all the missing children is available and hence you can browse through the gallery and the information could help someone for sure.
• If you find a missing child then also you can create a profile here for the identification and this would help the parents in getting back their little bag of happiness.
• There are cases when you might need to get in touch with the child or women helpline and the application makes it possible for you to make an instant call to women and child helpline.
• For the ease of use, the developers have kept the design very simple so that everyone can use the application easily.

Talking about a general review of this application, the application has quite a simple design but the idea behind the application is quite novel. There was no such formal network in India until now which could help people in achieving what formal agencies couldn’t achieve. Apart from this, the application has certainly helped a lot of people until now. With a little more effort, this can turn into a formal network for finding lost people and children and this would be a great achievement for a country like India.
In addition to this, the application has a rating of 5 stars and the application has received quite a noticeable number of reviews. The application was launched just a few days back and the application has been installed by a considerable number of people by then. The application can be installed on any phone that is running on Android 4.1 or above. In a recent update, the application developers killed many bugs which have optimized the performance of the application.
You can also download the application and help people in finding missing people. This would help you in working towards a great cause and you can click on the download link below to download and install the application from Google Play Store.