Knote AppLock A Different Secuirity system

oopsKnote AppLock is a program that serves to increase security on your device, blocking access to certain applications.

Thus, if you have applications with sensitive content, can prevent eavesdroppers will have knowledge of such items.

Another interesting point is that the program does not makes it clear that the app is locked, avoiding arousing suspicion and making their use even more interesting. The program uses a default with keys to unlock your screen settings, as well as the protected program.

All protected

To open the program, it is displayed as a page of Notepad. To enter the main screen, you must use the previously established pattern and, if you have not made changes, simply press the volume up key three times. Once this is done, the main sector of the app is open and he is divided into two tabs, containing items locked and unlocked.

To insert an item in the list of blocked, just open another tab and perform a swipe to the left in the app. Subsequently, to unlock it, just a swipe to the right. If someone tries to use a protected program, it appears on the screen as if he were caught, not displaying the information of the item.

In the program settings you can enable or disable the app, change the unlock pattern and define whether he must be locked when closing.

Above you gave a complete description about the Knote AppLock and its functionalities, know now what we think of Knote AppLock is a program that serves to block applications that you have installed on your smartphone or on your tablet. For this, he sets a “master password” that is required for the use of items that are subject to the security rule. However, this password is a sequence of use of the volume keys, which can be configured as you wish.

Initially, the application does the unlock when you press three times in a row the volume up key. However, for security reasons, it is indicated that you modify ASAP – action taken by the settings. The program’s interface is user friendly and delivers the applications installed in the form of a list with the default icon of each one of them for easy visual identification.

One of the great advantages of the application is in its ease of use, since all the person needs to do to activate it is to press a button. Similarly, if you want to activate or remove protection from an app, just drag it to the appropriate sector.

Intelligent operation

The operating system of the program certainly deserves attention. Initially, it opens as a page from a notebook, avoiding suspicious collection for someone to snoop around your appliance. To access the main screen, simply use the default configured to unlock.

Similarly, the protected items initialize its opening, however, the screen seems to get “locked”, preventing unauthorized individuals may view the contents of the application. The opening is also performed normally by inserting the unlock pattern. So, if you want to increase the protection of certain programs, certainly worth testing the Knote AppLock.