Know About Google Opinion Rewards


Finally, the application named ‘Google Opinion Rewards’ has been officially launched in India which is shaped by the team of Google Surveys. This application is actually launched to collect the proper and true surveys from the users about the application, their background, other third-party surveys of any nature and give rewards to the user which can be applied in purchasing the paid apps from the store. The information so collected from the surveys will be quite reliable as users will definitely tend to give the correct opinion about different issues in order to get rewards from google.

Knowing and Getting Started with Google Opinion Rewards App-

You just need to download this application from the Play Store and submit your basic details in order to Sign Up and to get started with the application. After getting the application downloaded, you will get notifications about the surveys every week. The frequency of the survey may be less than a week or sometimes more and the user will be given rewards for being the part of surveys. Few times earlier this application was not available in India but now as we can see it did made more than 5 Crores users in less than a period of one month. Not only the number of users but it has been rated 4+ by most of the user that seems quite interesting.
This application can be said a purely Consumer Based application powered by the google as it focuses to collect the details from the user of the google apps and other different issues from any party or consumer in order to provide them required information and they are actually paying rewards which can be used in purchasing the Paid Apps from the Google Play Store. Seems to be dual benefit for the customers as they can get improvements in the existing apps through updates and they also can avail the advanced features of the paid apps from Google. No restrictions have been made in this app and it can be used by any third-party shopper and or any promoter to conduct their own surveys. Even no restrictions have been made on the purchase of apps or any contents from the app itself which may be games or any other paid applications.

Basis, Type and Rewards about Surveys Conducted by Google Opinion Rewards App-

The information that we generally provide to the application will be the basis or the base data from which the surveys will be done. The survey will be frequent and you will be able to get improvements and updates in the Apps in quick manner if the survey is regarding apps and you will get other better consumer service in respect of other different surveys created by other parties.
Coming to the rewards in terms of value, the cash payouts offered in India by this app is minimum Rs.10 but it may be higher and no boundary has been set-up for the reward limit so it’s a matter of joy that you can get rewards without any limit or pauses. This app was first tested the app creating a survey asking on the name of Android 7 update and it was finalized as Android Nougat. After this it started other different surveys which were quite successful and a number of improvements were made in different apps and this app is now made available to many countries.