Legend – Text Effects in Video

legendThe Legend allows you to create GIF or short videos using a picture and a phrase as legend. You can customize style and color of the phrase and create animated Scrapbook.

Type the desired phrase, and she may have 70 characters maximum. After doing this, you can choose a background color or a picture of the camera, Gallery or Flickr.

The third step is to choose color and animation. He brings some color presets combined, one for the background and one for the caption. If you chose a picture of the background, the background color works as a filter above the image. Otherwise, it is a plain color.

The animation styles bring personality to your GIF or video. Some of them are more time consuming, showing the phrase slowly. Others leave the letters animate, but show the entire phrase at once. There are several possibilities, however, you can choose only one.

After you create the animation as you want, just export. You can send directly to Facebook Messenger as GIF or save as video to send on Instagram, for example. Give more life to your favorite quotes with this application.
Above you gave a complete description about the Legend-Animate Text in Video and its functionalities, know now what we think of The Legend is an interesting application to put animated subtitles in photographs and turn them into GIFs or videos to share with your friends on social networks. You can send directly to Facebook Messenger or use the native Android sharing option to post in any social network that you have on your phone, like Instagram or Tumblr.

It is quite easy to move and requires fewer steps to handling, and does not bring any type of text on the interface. That is, everything is shown with explanatory icons, not need to know English to use this application. The steps are very simple and anyone can create a short video with modern appearance.

What do you call a lot of attention is that he has full animation models of style, with good visual quality and that will appeal to those who like more modern designs. The Legend has a footprint very young, what is very interesting for those who want to share a powerful phrase in a way more cool. The color schemes also surprising, since he brings beautiful mixes.

Operating bugs

Although really be worth testing the app, something bothers you in this program: he fought many times during the tests, in the moment of choice of style. With a few tries, we were able to finalize the whole process, but he often closed in the middle of the creation.

The good part is that, when you open it again, Legend shows his sentence and picture where you left off, no need to do it all over again. Another highlight is to be able to use photos from Flickr in your GIFs and videos, leaving their sentences with the right image for every occasion!