LINE Launcher

LINE Launcher is an application that allows you to completely transform the look of your smartphone and tablet with a few taps. Select a variety of different themes and apply the one that feels like you.

The program counts with a great variety of themes to choose from: there are more than 3,000 kinds of themes, with the most varied motes, like characters, nature, movies, series, music, among others.

You can also make specific changes only in certain options, such as icons, wallpapers, colors and much more. In addition, the LINE Launcher has a huge amount of customization possibilities in all areas of the operating system.

You can also add beautiful and creative stickers directly on the home screen. You still counts with tools that optimize Android, as the Boost Phone, able to eliminate unnecessary background programs.
Above you gave a complete description about the LINE Launcher and its functionalities, know now what we think of LINE Launcher is a program for the smartphone that allows you to add several different themes to your smartphone or tablet to make them even more. Add several options and change many settings to customize them even love.

The game is full of options to add to your smartphone, with extremely diverse themes. The store is composed of more than 3 thousand different options, thus ensuring that at least one of them should please you.

Complete customization
In addition, you can purchase stickers and wallpapers individually to fit the theme you want manually. This gives even more freedom for the users of the application, which offers an excellent quality.

LINE Launcher also has a gigantic amount of customizations, such as the start page editor changes the amount of fabric, grid, the margins, the size of the margins, the labels, the pages, the text colors, shadows and more.

Great visual quality
You can still change several other parameters within the operating system, settings from the home screen, dock, folder icons, applications, gestures, search, backup and restore, among others.

LINE Launcher has an excellent visual quality, in addition to various animations that make the application look excellent. Is one of the best launchers we’ve tested here in the Arcade and it sure is a great option for those who want to renew the look of your smartphone.

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