Motion Camera

If you’ve always wanted to do night shots that show the movement of the city, but never had a professional camera, didn’t even know how to use the settings of your machine to do the clicks, can count on the help of Motion Camera. The application does not require any configuration and creates images without having to have any work.

To use the app, just open the Motion Camera and determine how you want the image to be blurred. To do this, drag the bar on the right-hand side. If you prefer, you can leave the Motion Camera with original settings. Then, select the button with the floppy disk icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

With that, the image is saved in the memory of your device and, if you want, you can leave for a new click, just by selecting the button again. In addition, the Motion Camera you can still use the zoom, the front camera and activate the flash.
motion camera
Above you gave a complete description about the Motion Camera and its features, know now what we think of him
The Motion Camera is a great option for those who do not have skills with professional photography or need to do emergency, not to mention photos with advanced settings on the camera of your gadget. It is very easy to create pictures with quality effects without any work.

The main advantage of the Motion Camera is the possibility to adjust the preferences for leaving the image more or less blurred. In addition, you can still use the zoom and activate the flash, even if for this kind of photos gadget lighting is not ideal.

The biggest problem of the application is the lack of a modern interface: the Motion Camera is rather old fashioned and leaves much to be desired in usability of your system. The icons are not as intuitive and leave some doubts in relation to its operation.

Therefore, the Motion Camera can even be the best alternatives to a specific effect, however, is far from the photos application ideal for any type of user.