MOVAVI VideoSuite

MOVAVI VideoSuite is a complete application suite in the video. Here you’ll find seven different programs to convert audio and video, capture, download, edit, crop and share videos, plus another to create CD/DVD.

With a modern and intuitive interface, as is common in the genre, this software will be enough for you to work with effective and practical manner.


The tools present in the program are all of great ability. The first one is video and audio conversion (“Convert Video & Audio”) and this process is quite simple. Select the file to be converted (that may be on your computer, the internet, in a CD or DVD).

Apart from converting, you can select an exact excerpt video or audio to be converted, that is, you do not need to perform this process with the full archive to then cut the desired part. All this is done through simple tools and easy to understand. The program supports all the formats of most popular audio and video.


Capture images and audio if you want to capture video through a camera (web cam or digital camcorder), this suite of applications is also the ideal tool. Through the option “Capture Video” be possible to capture the images shot by your camera. You can select the name of the file and your destination, in addition to capture several videos below.

But what about the audio recording? The program also makes. That is, if you want to record a video for someone, for example, you can do so and record audio simultaneously. This quick and simple way, through a single command.


This editing tool application package (“Edit Video”) is quite similar to various other tools. You’ll find filters and transition effects to enhance further its editing. You can use audios, videos, and images to compose your final movie.


If you have a great video on your computer and you want to divide it into several pieces to share it over the internet, for example, the “Split Video” package is ideal. With it will be possible to perform this task in a professional manner and quite effective. After a few clicks, you will have your video share the way you want.

Create CDs and DVDs

Functioning as a conventional program for recording audio CDs and DVDs, movies and/or data, the tool “Create CD/DVD” is a great option to write your files in DVD-RW. His visual and functioning is similar to other programs of the genre, namely, all easy to use.