MPC Cleaner

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MPC Cleaner is a program that comes to be the more efficient files cleaner you’ve ever seen.

His proposal follows a system similar to applications like the famous CCleaner: with just a few clicks, the software analyzes the PC and detects possible failures, as well as files from the “trash” that are taking up space unnecessarily. After you press another button so he can fix this all automatically, cleaning the computer and leaving it as if it were brand new.

After that, of course, comes the time to optimize the system and its services. This task can be made through the “speed” tab, which allows the MPC Cleaner further analysis of the efficiency of its programs and other running tasks. Just as in the House cleaner, everything is a matter of clicking a button to start, wait a few seconds, click on another button and you’re done! In seconds the process is finished.

Extra protection

The MPC Cleaner is not limited to optimize the operation of your computer, however. Another of his major highlights is the layers of protection on the software ensures, through the “protect” tab. This brings four extra tools that can be enabled and disabled freely, according to your need. They are:

Default Browser protection: prevents changes from your browser by malware;
IE home page protection: prevents your Internet Explorer home page is changed by malware;
IE Search engine protection: prevents the search engine of Internet Explorer is changed by malware;
Block malicious websites: adds an extra layer of security by blocking malicious websites.
As previously stated, each of these functions can be controlled separately through the tab, and you can define what will be the default options of the software. You name it.

Above you gave a complete description about the MPC Cleaner and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
Even in the midst of a number of powerful programs for cleaning and optimization of PC files, MPC Cleaner manages to stand out with ease. Many may say that this is a result of its great interface, which is modern, elegant and well organized, allowing easy access to all your tools in a matter of a few clicks.

His great performance, of course, helps a lot in this direction, since even on a PC of intermediate-level, his work system scan takes no more than one or two minutes. And as this is also true for its repair, the application shows even more impressive.

But it is in the way these two qualities come together we see the really strong point of MPC Cleaner. As we say in our description, all the repair and optimization process is extremely fast: in a matter of a few clicks, without the need of settings, you can do all the cleaning and optimizing your PC in a few minutes.

With a speed and performance as good, it is simply impossible not to be impressed. After all, the program can, with ease, if match-and even exceed-famous software.

We must not forget that there is still protection tools. These, though somewhat limited, are good news for those who want a little more security when browsing on PC; soon, are always a welcome addition.

Efficiency has its price
Not to say that the MPC Cleaner does not stay behind in any sense, we must say that the lack of advanced options can be a little frustrating for some. Of course, that also means that its operation is quite friendly for those who have little knowledge on the use of PCs, but who wants to leave some items of hand cleaning, for example, will not have what to do with the application.

This, however, is not able to take the merits of software, which shows easily one of the best on the market. So if you’ve been suffering from the sudden loss of performance of your machine and you don’t want to have big headaches to fix that, the MPC Cleaner is certainly one of the best solution that can be found.