MVD-IM: Kerala Motor Vehicle Department App

When any accident occurs in our territory we may often face different types of difficulties to identify the owner of the vehicle if the victim is unconsciousness condition. Some of us know that, in the website of motor vehicle department of kerala government, we can take information of a vehicle, if we enter the registration number or the last five digits of chassis number of the particular vehicle.

But today is the period of smart phone. Also, we all are the users of smart phones especially android mobiles. It’s some difficult for us to visit website of motor vehicle department through mobile. Because, this website is constructed not in the responsive mode of mobile friendly style of websites. Due to showing of non responsive websites with full view, it’s difficult for us to access those websites through mobile browsers. Today I am gonna introduce you about an app published by government of kerala itself, which can be used instead the website of motor vehicle department, to know the registration information, driving licence information and about the status of file given to RT Office.

mvdimEveryone can use this app in simple way. If the app MVD-IM is installed and opened, you can see three options like registration informations, driving licence informations and the status of the file given to RT Office, as said above. If vehicle details is selected, enter the registration number or the last five digits of chassis number of the vehicle and click on ‘get’, then you will be able to know the informations about, the registered owner of the vehicle, it’s model, amount of tax paid and validity of tax.

Similarly, for knowing the licence details, enter your licence number and date of birth. Through this you will get the informations like, the classes of vehicle for which you are licensed, validity of your licence.