Notisave – Smart Way to Save Notifications and Status

With so many applications on phone, it is becoming difficult to manage the notifications. The applications have actually cluttered the phone and there was something needed to manage those notifications. A normal app couldn’t have met the requirements and hence we needed a smart app for our smartphone to do so. In addition to this, we needed another app which could also save the status of the people that we have on WhatsApp. Fortunately, we found one app which helped us in meeting the needs and this one single app can save the status and manage the notifications in a better way. We have written a short review of the app for you so as to help you in understanding the usability of the app.

Features of Notisave

The app saves the notifications automatically and it sorts them out in a very well-managed manner. This makes it really easy to quickly go through hundreds of notification.
The application also has the search functionality and this means that you can search for a particular notification using the search feature.
All the new messages and statuses are saved privately. This means that the sender doesn’t even get to know that you have saved the status.
If you are going to be away for long hours but you are worried that you may miss out on the status of the people then you don’t have to worry about this if you have this app.
All the data is protected by a password and you can easily enable the password for unlocking the app. You can use a fingerprint scanner or pattern as a password.

General Review

In terms of a general review, the application has been rated by more than 13,000 people and the rating of the application is 4 stars. It has received a lot of 5 stars and the app also has users from across the globe. In terms of installations, the application has been installed by more than 50 lakh people. It is surely a great app and it also guarantees you a lot of privacy. You must try this app before the sun rises again.

Support and Compatibility

In terms of compatibility, the app can easily be installed on tablet and phones that are running on Android 5.0 and above. The memory requirements are also limited as you just need 4 MB of space on your device to install the app. Apart from that, you would not need any significant space on your phone to save the messages or statuses. Also, the recent update has squashed a lot of bugs in the app and presently, the app doesn’t have any bug. Even the performance of the app has been optimized a lot.
If you would also like to have an app to manage the notifications in a better way then you must download the app. It is absolutely free to download and below is the download link for the app. This will redirect you to the Google Play Store of the app.