Philm – video editor

We all like making fun. Right?? We frequently see many funny videos and trolls in social medias and other places. But have you ever wondered how these videos are been made. Yes, of course. We would’ve misunderstood at least once that, making such videos would be very tough and it needs particular educational qualification. But now just realize that, this concept is wrong. It doesn’t needs any particular educational qualification or experiences. You also can create the same.

There are many applications dealing with video editing, but it might not be in a convenient method for users to use it. It might have more unnecessary options and setting which may leads for getting confusion. Therefore today I am here to introduce you about a variety video editing application known as ‘Philm video editor’.

philm Philm video editor lets you to edit videos and change effects of videos. This application is totally wonderful. This can even challenge the prisma app. And also this app allows to transfer the stunning visual styles of famous artists into live videos in real time. See the world live through the genius eyes of Vincent van Gogh, or turn your surroundings into a comic book. More over you can
express your excitement by adding motion-tracking stickers, emoji, and text to accurately follow your buddy, your favorite pet, or a moving object in a video scene.

Now let’s see how does it works.
This app doesn’t have any particular procedures
> First of all download and Install the app.
Open the app. > Now take a video or choose from gallery. Then you will be able to crop the video if you want. Then you can change effects, write on the video, change the audio and so on.