Pushbullet takes the turn toward the messaging is rival to WhatsApp?


Pushbullet, mostly for the Android community, needs little presentation. It is one of the most used applications and with a legion of followers convinced that used it to share and synchronize files, links and notifications between mobile phones, computers and contacts. So far also allowed sending messages using WhatsApp but they have decided to take the plunge on their own and add their own chat as well as a touch more social functions.

Made him missing the world another messaging application? Maybe not do come Pushbullet to fight in that market? We believe that either, and perhaps can be this the germ of its success in this regard. And that is quite logic update application used by thousands of users, and that before the Continuity of Apple and similar proposals for other platforms, already synchronized notices, links, files and much more between terminals and computers.

uring recent times, the platform has evolved from a synchronization tool to a communication. In fact, Android allowed use of services like WhatsApp to send messages. It was logical, the time, also give the possibility to users to have a means of own chat in Pushbullet between them that make up the platform.

he new messaging feature is available for all versions of Pushbullet from the extensions of the browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera, as well as applications of iOS and Android and the web-app. For you do not know the service, then we give the applications download links so that you begin to try it – and we recommend connecting it with IF so their chances of multiply exponentially.

The new Pushbullet configuration is organized around the contacts, which appear us in a list with their faces and, as in any messaging application, we will see a historical content that we have shared – among which now can be messages – and the channels, i.e. what you have sent to each of the devices we have synchronized.

In addition, in the desktop client for Windows – not yet for Mac, we have now the typical “bubble” with the faces of our contacts, that will allow us to have organized our discussions with them in this particular way.

The truth is that Pushbullet has followed the path opposite to other applications and services. It grew around what could share and it has finished adding the ‘social’ touch. Although we believe that it does not propose it, and perhaps for this, could you give him a shift to a market that now seems to be that you can not be mastered anything other than by WhatsApp?