Resume Maker – Make Professional JOB Resume Free of Cost

Resume selection is first to step if cracking any interview and without a proper resume, you might not even get shortlisted for a job interview. It takes recruiters just a couple of seconds to shortlist you for a job interview based on your resume and hence it is very important to have a visually appealing resume.
Many professional resume makers charge a huge amount for making a resume and not everyone can afford that. In addition to this, you do not really need those services at high cost when you have an amazing application like Resume Maker. This application can help you in making your resume free of cost and the resume is certainly very impressive. Here is a detailed feature list along with the review of this amazing Resume Maker Application.

Features of Resume Maker

• The application basically helps you in fabricating a clear, concise and compelling resume by compiling all the inputs from you and arranging them in the desired output.
• In addition to this, the application is free of cost and there are many designs for resume available which you can choose without any problem.
• There are more than 25 designs available in this application which you can use to build your resume. Apart from this, the application follows a structured step by step approach to creating the best resume for you.
• The application also lets you preview your resume in PDF Format and you can also save the final output in the PDF format. This certainly makes the whole process really easy.
• In addition to making a visually impressive resume, the application would let you email your resume to the recruiter or anyone you want.
• Making a resume manually takes up a lot of time but this application enables you to create a resume in minutes as you do not have to worry about the formatting. The application auto-formats the information entered by you.
• The application also has 10 resume templates which are custom made to suit any professional and the common columns that you can add using the application are mentioned below
o Contact Details along with Picture
o Objective
o Educational Qualification
o Work Experience Details along with Projects
o Industrial Exposure
o Strengths
o References and Signature

General Review

Talking about the general review of the application, the application has been reviewed by 200 users and the application has an overall rating of 4.4 stars. Over 90% of the reviews are a 4 star and a 5-star review and hence you can certainly speculate the quality of the resume built with help of this application.
In addition to this, the application has been installed by 10 thousand to 50 thousand people and it can be installed on any phone that is running on Android 4.0.3 and above. Most of the features in the application are free to use however, some features need to be purchased before you can use them. So, to make an appealing resume, download the application by clicking on the download link below.