Review of Kodi TV – Is It Legal?

Review of Kodi TV – Is It Legal?

If you are not an alien to this world then you have probably heard about Kodi TV and higher chances are you have not heard very nice things about it. This software gives users the access to illegally stream the copyright-protected TV series, films, and other types of content. As a result, Kodi TV has been flashed into new frequently due to controversies associated with users downloading the copyrighted stuff with its help.

Regardless of the irresponsible use of the software to download the copyrighted materials, the software itself is very much legal. It was created with a good intention to help the individuals enjoy and manage their media collection with ease. Let’s say you have a huge collection of archived photos, music and movies that you are proud about but you don’t have the time to manage them, Kodi is the best tool you can use.

This amazing software is designed in a way to be easily up to a TV or a large monitor. You may also use it on your laptop or just any other device or platform to transform it into Kodi TV that easily streams a lot of media that you want to watch.
If you want to watch this free TV then it can also be used as a DVR if your computer has a TV card. The software gives you endless possibilities to try and enjoy with a plethora of exciting new add-ons. You have a huge collection of extensions that can be used to improve the capabilities of the Kodi TV. It provides the support needed for services such as games, lyrics, subtitles, streaming sites and other things.

User experience of Kodi TV

KodI works on a full-screen mode by default which just goes to show that the software is designed to be used with a dedicated box. However, if you dig deeper into the settings you will also find a windowed mode. However, finding this option means you will have to go through the menu system of Kodi, which is a tiring experience as the menu is not properly laid out.
Once you get a hang of using the software, it will get easier for you. There are so many add-ons available on there that it might get a little overwhelming for you. It might take you sometime to figure things out properly but once you do, you will be wondering how you ever imagined life without it.

Is Kodi TV legal?

We, Kodi is basically an elegant media player which was built to help you manage your media and enjoy entertainment at its best. However, its ability to easily stream the copyrighted content for free has put into various controversies.
The various add-ons include Free TV, sports and music. In the US, it may violate the copyright laws. The users in Canada and UK are also at the risk of copyright infringement if they use Kodi TV to watch copyrighted material online. The government agencies and other watchdogs keep a close watch on Kodi users to ensure that they are not engaged in illegal steaming of unauthorized materials.