State Bank buddy

On this modern world of technology, people like to transact through electronic wallet. Is it an eventuality?? Of course, it would be. Now let’s remember what are the difficulties that we are being facing while transacting with money. The major problem while we shop using our pocket money is that, the merchant might not had change for giving balance. Then we will have to wait for a long time for getting the balance money. And there are several other problems too.

Therefore now it’s essential to use this app ‘ State Bank buddy’. This application enable you to make your smartphone as your money wallet. Moreover you can pay your bills and recharge your mobile. Now let’s see how this app works.

> First of all download and Install the app.
> Open the app.
Now you will be asked to choose the language, use preferred language.
Then you will be asked for Mobile number, Email address and Date of birth. Give valid details in it. Then accept their terms and conditions and click on submit. Now an OTP will be sent to your mobile number. Give the six digit code in OTP field. Pursuantly you will be asked to enter new login pin code. Enter new four digit code and re-enter the same for confirmation, then click on submit.

Now login with your pin code. You have all done.
The salient uses of the application.
> Send money to bank account.
> Recharge mobile phone.
> Send money to your contacts. Be ensure that the contact is a state bank buddy user.
> Online shopping.
And so on. Now say goodbye to all the troubles that are been faced by us during the recent times. And enjoy with the mobile wallet.