Selvi – The Teleprompter App FOR iPHONE and Androi Mobiles

Are you fond of making selfie videos or vlogs? Do you find to make it hard to remember the script that you need to speak on the vlogs? Does that make you record videos over and over again? Well, the solution is here. The application called Selvi can solve your problem. This is basically a teleprompter application which records the video and simultaneously displays the text on the screen so that you do not find it difficult to remember the script.
Here is a short review of the application for your reference so that you can also take advantage of the amazing features of the application. Below are the features of the application along with the general review and compatibility factor.

Features of the App

The basic feature of the application is that the application enables your phone to work as a teleprompter. The text is displayed on the recording screen but do not worry as the text is not recorded in the video.You can record vlogs and other descriptive videos which needs you to remember a lot of text for speech as the application makes it easy to record the videos.
You can import the text from the saved text file on memory which basically eliminates the need for replicating the text on your phone. You can also import the text from the mobile web browser.
There are many widgets supported by the application and the text keeps moving so that you can scroll down and check the text as required.
You can also set up the speed and size of the text for your reverence. In addition to this, the app lets you enable the screen gesture to move the text.
It is also possible to share the videos directly on YouTube, Facebook,and other social networking sites.
Apart from this, the application doesn’t interfere with the normal utilization of the app.

General Review

Talking about the general review, the application has a rating of 4.3 stars and the application has received over 330 stars. Most of the reviews received by the application are 5-star reviews and 4-star reviews. In terms of installation, the application has been installed by over 10 thousand people who are literally in love with the application. The application reduces the efforts required by a significant percentage.


In terms of compatibility, the application is compatible with any phone that is running on android 4.1 above. Apart from this, the application has a size of 10 MB which can be installed on any phone or tab without any issues.

Installation of the App

To install the app and create blooper free videos, simply navigate to the link listed below and the link will redirect you to the Google Play Store page of the application. You will be able to download the application from there and you will certainly fall in love with the application if you create a lot of vlogs or such videos for your audience.