Swarachakra Keyboard Android

Swarachakra-Happy Typing is a keyboard for Android with an innovative concept, based on gestures. The purpose of the application is that you don’t worry about accuracy, leaving the program to guess the words for you.

With Swarachakra-Happy Typing, you can type in a way easy. The program has a very strong suggestion system but, if he doesn’t identify the word, simply slide your finger from left to right so that new suggestions appear. If the first does not serve, you can slide your finger down in order to jump to the next suggestion.

Swarachakra-Happy Typing also lets you add points to a simple form, simply slide your finger from left to right in the top of the keyboard. Sliding your finger from right to left you can delete words that are written. To add new words to the dictionary, simply enter them and slide your finger from bottom to top.

It is still possible to hide the keyboard in two different parts. The first hides only the action buttons at the bottom. The second hides the entire keyboard.

Above you gave a complete description about the Swarachakra Keyboard Free and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
Swarachakra-Happy Typing is a smart keyboard for Android based on gestures. Through it, you can use gestures to perform several different actions that left the task of typing much more simplified.

The main advantage of Swarachakra-Happy Typing is your system of gestures, that can be used to perform several actions. That way, you will be able to work in a fairly streamlined, saving time and ensuring efficiency.

Intelligence at the time of entering
Swarachakra-Happy Typing is, above all, intelligent. The program works similarly to other keyboards with word prediction, except enter multiple types of gestures to perform various functions.

You can enter words suggested or remove the entire text by sliding the finger. You can also add new words to the dictionary and even points without using buttons for this, making typing much more efficient.
Modern and elegant
The keyboard has a modern and elegant, with black keys and large characters. This gives the application a design quite sober, with discrete colors. Swarachakra-Happy Typing combines well with devices in black color, but should be fine with any color device, due to their description.

However, the keyboard is only available in English and Spanish. This damages the application functions for immeasurably our language, since the word prediction is seriously compromised. Don’t even try to use it by typing texts in Portuguese, because it will correct all content based on only two languages released.