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Legend – Text Effects in Video

The Legend allows you to create GIF or short videos using a picture and a phrase as legend. You can customize style and color of the phrase and create animated Scrapbook. Type the desired phrase, and she

WiFi Password Generator

WiFi Password Generator is an application for you generate secure passwords that can be used to protect your wireless connection. So, you won’t need to worry about inventing a combination: just indicate what characteristics you want for

Swarachakra Keyboard Android

Swarachakra-Happy Typing is a keyboard for Android with an innovative concept, based on gestures. The purpose of the application is that you don’t worry about accuracy, leaving the program to guess the words for you. With Swarachakra-Happy

Android slashing 90% of sales in India while Microsoft and Apple remain stagnant

As each month, Kantar Worldpanel gives us details of how sales by operating systems in the past three months, both at European level and globally and, in particular, in different territories such as India. Again, confirms that

Free games: the best strategy for Android and iOS titles

We continue with our particular review the best free games for iOS and Android. This time we will focus on a genre that has gained much more popularity on mobile devices with touch screen. Strategy games have