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Free games: the best strategy for Android and iOS titles

We continue with our particular review the best free games for iOS and Android. This time we will focus on a genre that has gained much more popularity on mobile devices with touch screen. Strategy games have

Hangouts 4.0 arrives to stand up to WhatsApp, but still only in iOS

Just a couple of weeks ago we mentioned all the innovations that would integrate Google into your new Hangouts 4.0, which not only created Material Design, but it was also loaded with changes in their functions and

Civilization, XCOM, NBA 2K 15, NHL, BioShock and WWE, discounted for a limited time for iOS

If something has been the arrival of mobile devices is, inter alia, by the number of game options offered. Not only of new tactile genres (Angry Birds, Plants vs.) Zombies, etc.), but to recover authentic classics in