Talk Fusion Video Chat – Video Messenger For Business Persons

There are several video chat applications available for Android and most of them are quite impressive. Most of these apps have all common features and we couldn’t find anything innovative. After a lot of searches, we came across an app called Talk Fusion Video Chat. The unique fact about this application is that it works like a chatting messenger. You can see who is online and who is not so you do not have to worry about calling someone when they are busy or not available.
Here is a short review of the application and you can share this with your friends as well so that you can be a part of the chatting group and you all can make memories together.

Features of Talk Fusion Video Chat

Video Calls – The basic feature of the application is that you can make video calls and voice calls. However, the USP of the app is that the audio and video quality delivered by the app is crystal clear.

Platforms – The application can be used on multiple platforms. This can be installed on mobile phones, tablet device and even a desktop. This adds on to versatility for the users.
Private meeting Rooms – Using the app, you can create a private chat room and this can be used to invite contacts with whom you want to chat. It also supports text chat and group chats for the users. You can even invite friends for chat using the custom chat links.

File Sharing – Apart from the features listed above, the application can also be used to share the files with the users and the chat group members.
Availability Status – The app also displays the availability status of the people which helps you in understanding if the person is busy or available.
General Review

In terms of general review, the application has a good rating on Google Play Store. The app has a rating of 4.4 stars with a total of about 1400 reviews. Also, the application has received a majority of 5-star reviews from the users. In terms of downloads, the application has been downloaded by over 1 Lakh users and it is surely quite a popular app. The new features were added to the app and the best part about this application is that the voice and video quality that you get via this app is quite amazing.
Support and Compatibility

In terms of support, the application can be installed on any phone that is running on Android 5.0 and above. Also, the size of the application is just 28 MB and it has a full functionality in a simple yet intuitive interface. You can even install this app on your tablet and that is surely another good part about the app.
Below is the download link of the app which will redirect you to the Google Play Store of the application. Do not forget to invite your friends to install the application with you.